Atrise Lutcurve


Calibrate your PC or laptop display



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Atrise Lutcurve is a tool that allows you to calibrate, to a high degree, the display of your monitor. You don't need a hardware calibrator to do it, no matter if your screen is LCD or CTR.

Atrise Lutcurve configures all kinds of variables: gamma, black point, white point, color balance, and more.

Atrise Lutcurve's high quality is due to the sensitivity of the human eye to color tones. The program generated test patterns based on the scientific article 'Measurement of display transfer characteristic (gamma)' by A. Roberts.

Six panels in Atrise Lutcurve calibrate the color and luminosity of your screens with values that adjust depending on numeric selectors. This tool allows for infinite calibration points, something that really comes in handy when you need to calibrate older displays.

- 30-day trial.

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